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Cordoba Truss Rod Replacement

Welp, we did it again. This time it was a overtightened truss rod on a Cordoba Flamenco guitar where the adjusting nut had broken. So…… we took the board off and installed a nice fresh one! Here’s the pics to prove it.

This time the fretboard was fully adhered to the neck so we used a little but of heat and patience to remove it.
We use a watlow heating pad and house made rheostat box which is appropriately made out of an old reverb tank that no longer worked. We really like reusing materials in the shop.

Here you can see how bent the old truss is and that it’s missing the adjusting nut.

We used high strength rupper bands as a clamp for this glue up.
Here you can see the guitar in our new neck jig. This great tool simulates string tension to achieve optimal fret work. 

And a shot of yours truly standing proudly behind the neck jig. 

Strung up and ready to play!