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Electric Guitar Repair

Whether you’re an Eddie Van Halen tapping-wizard or setting fire to your axe a la Jimi Hendrix, you’ll probably have a few moments when your ability to rock exceeds the natural laws of physics, causing the shred gods to go on strike. The next time you find yourself in need of electric guitar repair in Baltimore, MD, give Old Town Lutherie a call.

Our technicians have had the pleasure of servicing guitars throughout the greater Baltimore and DC area since 2008. Be it a twangy Fender Telecaster or Gibson Les Paul that your looking to get some serious crunch out of, we have the experience to get your electric guitar plugged back in faster than you can run a minor scale up and down the fret board.

Below you will find several repairs that we see come through our shop frequently. We are proud to offer prices that we believe are fair to our customers, but also allow our technicians the time to properly care for each instrument we service. If you don’t see a repair that you need below or have questions about our pricing, feel free to call the shop at (410)-258-8806 or send an email to