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Guitar Setup Workshop

Fender Stratocaster

Old Town Lutherie is pleased to now offer Setup Workshops! 

Workshops will officially start October 1st. 

What are Workshops

In each workshop, you will have a dedicated time period of 2 hours where you and a trained technician will set up your instrument together. You will have complete access to a workbench in our shop and professional tools. Our techs will guide you and answer all of your questions. 

We welcome everyone regardless of skill level. We guarantee that every instrument will be set up by the end of the workshop. Our goal is to help you learn to maintain your instrument and give you the confidence to approach more intricate repairs. 

A thorough diagnosis will be performed prior to your workshop to determine if there will be additional obstacles that could affect the outcome. Should further issues arise during your workshop period, we will develop a plan of action to address them to your satisfaction.

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Terms: Workshops are non-refundable. They are transferable to an alternate date or store credit. We limit one instrument per workshop however you are welcome to book multiple workshops per availability. We are only accepting electric and acoustic guitars/basses.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of these workshops is to foster a communal and collaborative environment where musicians are able to learn more about their instruments in a hands-on and educational way. We believe that the best way for a musician to grow is to get to know the technical aspects of their instrument as well as the artistic aspects.

Ready to get started?

Workshops will officially start October 1st.