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GSX Truss rod replacement

This was a fun job to to do. This GSX electric came in with a lifting fretboard that needed to be glued down which is a fairly common repair in the shop. Upon closer inspection we noticed that the truss rod itself seemed to be bent and actually pushed the board off! We’ve never seen that before! So, with an OK from the owner we proceeded to remove the fretboard and see about pulling out the old truss rod and installing a new one.

Here we go! We decided to not remove the entire board but instead cut through a fret slot and removed only the part of the board that was already separating.

Here, you can see how the truss rod is bowed upward and has no straightness to it at all. That’s not good.

After the faulty truss rod was removed using heat and some good ole’ elbow grease, it’s time to clean out the old glue from the truss rod channel and the top as well.

Now we can install the new truss rod into the channel.

Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of the fretboard being clamped but, we can say it came together very well! There was a bit of “feathering” that needed to be done to the edges of the fretboard as well a light coat of lacquer. Here’s a shot of the neck after being glued and cleaned up! We’re very proud of this repair as we are always happy to save an instrument from the graveyard!